Photo Credit: Stubhub.com

Will Anyone Show Up to Tonight’s Blue Jays Game?

That’s a preeeeeeeeeeeetty good price for a Blue Jays ticket that you see in the image above (which was first brought to my attention by the great @Minor_Leaguer, and I believe is an accurate visual approximation of what tonight’s crowd will look like — HEYO!). Y’know, unless you’re the one of the suckers — like yours goddamn truly — who bought season tickets, or otherwise has already paid for a live, in-person, up-close view of this shit show.

Yes, yes, it’ll get better. It might even get good at some point down the line. But it sure as hell ain’t that right now. And, of course, there is a reason why this game, in particular may not be of a whole lot of interest to locals reeling from the play of the Blue Jays, the injuries to the Blue Jays, the match-ups due to be faced by the Blue Jays, or the reinforcements brought in by the Blue Jays…

This is literally the entire city of Toronto over the last few days:

Oh, sure, some fans were on the Leafs bandwagon before they showed that they might genuinely have it in them to beat the mighty Washington Capitals — though for the life of me I’ll never understand why — but things have gotten even wackier thanks to this confluence of horrific events.

And while I know we know some people will show up, I reckon we’re all likely getting the feeling tonight the Rogers Centre is going to party like it’s 2009.


      • The Humungus

        Thanks to the tanking secondary market and the seatgeek code from the wonderful podcast, I got 3 tickets in the 500s for May 31 vs the Reds for $9.57 Canadian this past weekend.

        Starting to think I may have been ripped off. Doesn’t matter. We’re watching from the Flight Deck that day anyway.

  • Joseph W Bats

    We don’t have to go back to 2009. There were some very lean crowds in April 2015 in the 15,000 range. I guess when that starts happening in August and September that we have to worrying.

  • misanthropicsportsfan

    You actually can’t sell for less that 6$ on StubHub, so that shit is fake.

    If you look at the attendance, it’s pretty much exactly the same as last year. Still first in attendance in the AL.

    Last year it was about the same with the Raptors.

    For instance: Raptors x Pacers, April 26th/2016, 23,726. I walked out of that game to go to Jurassic Park at the Air Canada Centre.

    The Maple Leafs fans are the ones setting such a shitty price standard, like panicking and dumping their tickets because they think any money is fine because they like that team better.

    StubHub is also built into the account system now, so it makes it easier for people to panic sell their tickets.

    It’ll get better in the summer. I’m already fucking sick of seeing all these dads post on the internet that they got good seats for cheap like they want somebody to pat them on the head for it.

    • The Humungus

      Us Dad’s gotta get the cheap seats. My kids are both under 5, I’m not paying over. $200 to get seats in the 500s for 5 people, plus concessions and travel, for a game we won’t get through the 6th inning of.

    • drunk man walking

      actually no we are not first in AL attendance, we are second LAA first, and second is virtual tie with NY, Bos and Tex. If you go back to last years trade deadline the trends are generally going the wrong direction.