José Bautista Looks Lost at the Plate

A .414 batting average. A .469 on-base. A slugging percentage of .759. Two homers, four doubles, three walks, and 12 total hits in 29 at-bats over 11 games.

“Boy,” you think. “The Blue Jays sure could have used a guy like that these last few weeks!”

Are these the numbers of some new starlet? A former player the Blue Jays let get away? A minor leaguer the club needs to look long and hard at—and soon?

No, that’s Jose Bautista.

Not Bautista last April, or the April before. Not Bautista in any of his monstrous years with the Blue Jays after he transformed himself into one of the greatest power hitters in the game.

It’s not Bautista so far this April, either, obviously. But it is Bautista in 2017. In March.