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Game Threat: Which Birds Are Going To Take Flight?!? Blue Jays (5-14) @ Cardinals (9-10)

Interleague play! Russell Martin at third base! Sure! Why not!

News and Scuttlebutt

Sooooo… This is happening. Russell Martin is getting a start today at third base. He’s been hitting well, he played in back-to-back games and needs a day off from catching, Devon Travis could also use a day off with his knee injury and all, and Chris Coghlan hasn’t been doing much with the bat, so here we are. Why the hell not, right?!

J.P. Howell is back after being on the DL since his implosion in Tampa Bay back on April 7. Going back down to Triple-A in the corresponding roster move will Leonel Campos. This is good because it means less Aaron Loup.



Radio: SN590

And now, the lineups…

Blue Jays

Marco Estrada: 24.0 IP, 2.63 ERA, 7 ER, 19 H, 9 BB, 24 SO, 3 HR

Red Jays

Michael Wacha: 18 2/3 IP, 5 ER, 16 H, 5 BB, 17 SO 3 HR

Both Marco Estrada and Michael Wacha have been excellent this season, while both the Blue Jays and Cardinals lineups have been quite poor. You know what that means? This is probably going to be a pitchers’ duel. There won’t be much margin for error for either starter, as the batters behind them aren’t giving much to get excited about.

        • Randaman

          Seriously? What are you, 18 or something. The NL plays baseball the way its supposed to be played. The junior league AL, is the weakest in pitching and the strongest at hitting. You sound like one of the people that want hockey nets like soccer too?

          • Kyball

            No one should bat in baseball. There should be 9 DHs and 43 pitchers and one guy to catch the ball and no one should have a good time.
            NL stands for “Not (good) League” and AL stands for “A (bad) league”

            Baseball is meant to be played with tiny sticks and large rocks and maybe a keg of beer (not to drink, but to kick when you run past it)

            Go away dickhole.

          • DAKINS


            As awesome as Stroman’s double was last night, that is the expeption to the rule.

            Fuck pitchers hitting, give me the DH all day. I want to see dingers, not flailing around trying not to hurt yourself.

  • Randaman

    Your budget team that you call the Jays will not see the post season for a long time with Shapiro and their GM in place. Why do you think they were brought in.

    • The Humungus

      To make the Jays an organization like the Cardinals, who, as mentioned on the broadcast, have approximately 2/3 of their roster at 4 years of service time or less, and therefore are cost controlled while having a large market budget and being profitable. Oh, and competitive every year.

      Or y’know, they could just spend money like drunken sailors and trade all the prospects. Go away.