Photo Credit: Cardinals - Twitter

Today’s Game Postponed, Double Header To Be Played Tomorrow

The Blue Jays and Cardinals game scheduled for tonight at 8:15 ET will be cancelled due to poor weather conditions, according to multiple sources. As a result, Toronto and St. Louis will conclude their three-games series tomorrow with a double header. The teams were already scheduled to play an afternoon game, so the second game will be played at 7:15 ET.

I guess this is what life is like when you don’t have a stadium with a retractable roof. Oh well, spend today watching Chris Coghlan do acrobatics, Macrus Stroman hit a double like a goddamn champion, and all the other great stuff from yesterday’s game.

Also, remember the last time the Jays had a game postponed due to rain and had to play a doubleheader the next day against a National League team? Do you remember?!?! Of course you do! The 2015 Jays were dropped by the Washington Nationals 2-0 in the first game, then they had a nap together in the locker room. That evening, they won the second half of the double header against Max Scherzer, which kicked off their season-changing 11-game winning streak.