Jays Decide To Cut Down On Their Salt Intake

See what I did there? But yeah. So, remember the thing the last few years with Josh Thole, when people wanted to rage about how the Jays were stuck with him while others — let’s call them folks who actually had some kind of a fucking grasp on what big league backup catching “talent” looks like…


Looking Ahead From 6-16 (To 2018)

Welp. Yesterday’s optimism feels pretty fucking quaint now, doesn’t it? Substantially, little has changed, but hoo boy, that was a gut punch. Looking at the Latos and Lawrence versus Martinez and Wainwright matchups, it didn’t exactly feel like it was going to be the Blue Jays’ day. And yet, in spite of that, it should…


Birds All Day Podcast: 111. “Everything Will Be Fine”

The Blue Jays’ season just doesn’t seem to be getting any better, but it’s nothing a little 21-8 May can’t fix! Which… uh… here’s hoping? AND SO MUCH MORE! As always, this podcast is still powered by Patreon and our tremendous listener support. Be a hero and hit us up at patreon.com/BirdsAllDay Like us on Facebook….