Blue Jays Mailbag: Trading Donaldson, Travis’ Struggles, and How To Survive A Losing Season

The Blue Jays have made it through what might ultimately prove to be a disastrous April, and have begun at least treading water.

Will they be able to do so long enough that, once they get back to full health, they can go on a run that puts them back into playoff contention? Who the hell knows! But whether they do or not, I’ll still be here answering all of your soul-crushing questions in this weekly Blue Jays mailbag.

So let’s do it to it!

And if you have a Blue Jays question you’d like me to tackle for next week, be sure to send it to stoeten@gmail.com. As always, I have not read any of Griff’s answers…

Hey Andrew,

I would love to see the Jays put together a great May and June, setting themselves up for a potential playoff run… If they don’t put themselves in a place where the postseason seems likely, don’t they NEED to either re-sign Donaldson or see what they could obtain in a trade for him by the July trade deadline? I would have to think his value would be higher to the team trying to obtain him if they would have him for two postseason runs. Don’t get me wrong, I would way rather they re-sign him and try to reload this offseason and try to win with him, but they can’t afford to lose him for nothing after next season…


They don’t NEED to either re-sign Donaldson or trade him this year. You’re absolutely right that losing him for nothing would be an awful outcome for this franchise, but they have options beyond the two you suggest.