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Kendrys Morales Avoids Disabled List For Now

“Any word on Kendrys Morales?” was posted over and over and over again on Twitter this afternoon as we all waited for an update on the Blue Jays designated hitter who left yesterday’s game with a hamstring issue.

Morales had an MRI this morning to determine if the issue was serious or not, but none of the beat reporters had any information on it. On top of that,  Darrell Ceciliani was removed from today’s game in Triple-A Buffalo, prompting panic that Morales was going to be placed on the disabled list.

But he won’t be — for now.

The “yet” in Wilner’s tweet is weirdly ominous, but I doubt that he meant anything by it.

The Jays really, really, reaaaaaaally can’t afford another player hitting the disabled list. Russell Martin was placed on the DL earlier this week, joining Troy Tulowitzki, Josh Donaldson, J.A. Happ, and Aaron Sanchez as key players on the shelf. The Jays are digging so far into their reserve list that Mike Ohlman is getting at bats for the team, and there isn’t much further they can go.

Beyond Ceciliani, who seems to be the next name on the list, the Jays only have Lourdes Gurriel, Anthony Alford, Richard Urena, and Harold Ramirez on their 40-man roster. We’re getting close to having a random fan from the audience drawn into the lineup.