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Six Roster Moves for the Price of One!: Martin Up, Sanchez to the DL, and More!

There was a moment of confusion this afternoon as reporters tried to sort out the moves the club was due to make with its roster. It was known that Kevin Pillar would be returning to the lineup, having served his two game suspension for using a homophobic slur on the field, but it turned out it wasn’t quite as simple a process as sending Dwight Smith back to Buffalo.

In the end we can sum all the moves up fairly succinctly:

Getting to that point, however, was a bit of an event…

OK… thoughts:

  • Pillar was going to be back today so we knew this was coming.
  • Smith going down is somewhat interesting, as it means that Anthony Alford is still here — and slated to start again tonight in Baltimore not sure why I wrote that originally, as he’s not starting and I don’t think ever was. Anyway, this says a lot about what the club thinks of him, I think. Though it probably also says something about what they think of the idea of Ezequiel Carrera being their backup CF.
  • Martin returning is surprising and awesome! It sounded like he was making important progress when it was reported that he was catching Francisco Liriano’s bullpen session on Thursday, and I guess he was! HUGE!
  • Ohlman getting D’d FA is interesting, as there was some thought that the Jays might option Luke Maile back to Buffalo, as they could have easily done that without risking losing him as a piece of organizational depth. But I guess they really do like his game calling and defence enough. Reasonable, even though Ohlman is a mildly intriguing bat.
  • I’ll mention Valdez here so that I can conclude on Sanchez, but on his arrival… meh.
  • The Sanchez thing succccccks! This is last year’s AL ERA leader’s third trip to the DL already this season, and it’s still just the 20th of May. A big part of it — hopefully — is the fact that MLB has switched from the 15-day DL to the new 10-day one. With two off-days next week, Sanchez is perhaps only going to miss one start here. And if they thought he’d be dicey to make it anyway, having eight games of an extra body on the bench or in the bullpen is probably a worthwhile trade-off to make. His right middle finger, of course, is the same on he recently underwent his “procedure” on, which removed a portion of the fingernail. So… that’s not working out so great, eh?

To that last point:


So… maybe I was being optimistic hoping he misses just a single start. Yeesh.