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Happ Ready For 1-3 Rehab Starts Before His Return, Liriano Gets Rehab Start Sunday

J.A. Happ. Now that’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time.

But it turns out that the Jays’ 2016 20-game winner is getting close to a return! To wit:

Happ, who is recovering from elbow inflammation, has only been gone a little over a month, but it’s been long enough that it’s hard to remember he was pretty damned good before going on the DL. In the three starts he’s made so far in 2017, he’s struck out 20 in 16.0 innings and not issued a single walk.

J.A Happ!

The Jays, who will turn to Mike Bolsinger, Marco Estrada, and Joe Biagini over the weekend against the rickbag Rangers, sure as hell could use him.

With an off-day here on Thursday, the Jays can give the ball to Marcus Stroman again on Monday, but on Tuesday they’ll need someone else, and by then neither Happ nor Francisco Liriano — who is progressing well in his own right, and according to another tweet from Benny Fresh will make a rehab start on Sunday — will be ready.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Mat Latos is set to go for the Bisons on Thursday night, which would make Tuesday his next scheduled start.

Funnnnn! Fun stuff! So fun!

UPDATE: In non-sarcastic fun news, Happ’s rehab assignment starts tonight!

  • Jayme

    The Jays have dealt with a ludicrous amount of injuries to core players, run out a team of perpetual backups and AAAA starters (and whatever Chris Coghlan is supposed to be), and are still sitting at 21-26. They’re within shouting distance of .500, only 4 games back of a Boston team that looks about ready to fry up some chicken in the locker room, and 7.5 games back of a Yankees team that needs to score 7 runs a game to win. And the cavalry is returning this weekend.

    Maybe I’m delusional, but this is the most optimistic I’ve been since spring training.

  • 0noggin

    Getting Happ and Sanchez back would be huge for the Jays (and Donaldson and Tulo wouldn’t hurt, either). Even assuming they can maintain their pace from their last 24 games without those guys (19-5), the Jays are on pace for an 85-win season, which won’t be good enough. As Atkins said, they do need to go on a run at some point. Let’s hope for a red hot June.

    • Cincinnatus C.

      Uh … actually, if they continue winning at the .625 clip (15-9, not 19-5) they’ve been on for the last 24 games, they’ll end up with about 93 wins.

    • Steve-O

      I wonder if the better focus for fans (and the team, tbh) should be on just worrying about securing a wild card spot. What I mean is, instead of aiming at an arbitrary win total like 85 – and fretting over whatever seemingly absurd winning percentage would be required to get there – just work on chipping away at the gap between the Jays and the WC spots, currently at only 4 and 5 games (!!) – over the rest of the season.

      I dunno, it’s really just a different way of framing it, but it seems much less daunting when I look at it that way.

  • Knuckleballs

    This is awesome news. Just the other night the guys on the radio were talking about mid June return at the earliest. I just hope this is not a rush job. I guess the Jays managment could of prepared better for these injuries, but who to know.