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Game Threat: The Boys Are Back In Town, Rangers (24-24) @ Blue Jays (21-26)

The boys! They’re back! Josh Donaldson and Troy Tulowitzki were both activated from the disabled list today, giving the Blue Jays a massive boost that they badly need. And just in time! Because the other boys, the ones from Texas who tend to lose in the ALDS and get all pissy about it months later, are also coming to town.

News and Scuttlebutt

Hell yeah, more good injury news. J.A. Happ could apparently be back as soon as Tuesday, which would be great, because as of right now the Jays don’t have anybody scheduled for that game. Francisco Liriano will make a rehab start, and if all goes well, he likely won’t be very far behind Happ, and all of a sudden, the Jays have a damn near normal pitching rotation.



Radio: SN590

And now, the lineups…

The good guys, the Back-to-back ALDS winners, your Toronto Blue Jays!

Mike Bolsinger: 15 2/3 IP, 6.32 ERA, 9.8 H9, 1.1 HR9, 6.3 BB9, 6.9 SO9

The bad guys, the back-to-back ALDS losers, the shitty Texas Rangers!

A.J. Griffin: 37 2/3 IP, 5.02 ERA, 8.4 H9, 2.6 HR9, 2.4 BB9, 7.9 SO9

This game should feature some fireworks. And not just because of the heated-history-fuelled-rivalry between the Blue Jays and the Rangers that certainly hasn’t gone away yet, but because Mike Bolsinger and A.J. Griffin are starting on the mound. Neither are particularly good, both are bad at keeping the ball in the park, and both lineups are loaded with power hitters. This should be a fun one.