Jays Win 6-4! DINGERS!!!

Are the… are the Blue Jays good? Like… maybe even really good?

Sure, a big part of these last two nights has been the fact that they’ve been up against the shitty Cincinnati Reds — the… uh… Shit-cinnati Reds? — but it felt a whoooole lot like 2015 again at the Rogers Centre tonight, as the Blue Jays’ lineup looked absolutely terrifying. Pillar is slumping (though he walked and was hit by a pitch), and Carrera is Carrera, but everybody else looks rather locked in. Not all of the big hitters managed hits, but even the ones who didn’t contributed to the menace. This lineup is relentless. The club is now 25-27 on the season. And after a couple solo shots to start the game, J.A. Happ looked pretty good in his own return from injury. THAT’LL DO!

So will this:

* * *

Donaldson hit a blast into the goddamned fifth deck, then Bautista hit one nearly as far and nearly as hard, and not to be undone, Kendrys Morales hit one just one foot shorter, but even harder that J.D.’s blast, breaking the 4-4 tie in the bottom of the eighth!



    • Bagged Almond Milk

      I think they’ll make it. Maybe tweedle dee and tweedle dum in the front office will add some rotation help for the playoffs this year at the deadline. Or maybe they won’t and it will be 20 long years before the boys are back in the dance. I hope they add, go for it AA style before the team ages too much. What say you?

      • A Guy

        I wonder if fans of other teams disparagingly refer to their front office that way. Unless there is an injury, why do they need to add to rotation for the playoffs? And if they don’t add they’ll lose for 20 years because?

        • Bagged Almond Milk

          meant to say Bullpen…. In years past, last year for example, when they have a chance to win, other teams made additions and the Jays stood pat…. Their window to win may very well be pretty small, and the point I was making is we don’t know how long it will take to get back into the post season, as the last drought was 20 years

          • A Guy

            Except they did make the playoffs, and added Grilli in May and Biagini emerged as a reliable arm, they had Cecil & Osuna. The BP wasn’t the problem last year. And just because one down cycle was 20 years doesn’t mean it is always that way. Look at the minors for the future.

          • Bagged Almond Milk

            Made the playoffs, yeah, but didn’t win the WS. If you look at Cleveland and the Cubs, both added a significant arm to their pen at or near the deadline, with Miller and Chapman…. My point was that they seem to be close to a championship team, but not quite a championship team, and that maybe they should make some additions at or near the deadline, as these chances do not come around very often……

  • Oz Rob

    I can see it. They slowly, but steadily creep up above .500 and come the trade deadline the front office decides to go for it and upgrades the starting pitching and left field by trading for David Price and Ben Revere.