Photo Credit: Sportsnet/MLB.TV/@MLBDREAMPICKS

Aaron Sanchez Alert!: Finger Improving, Will Play Catch This Weekend

Clearly there’s still a bit of road ahead of him before he actually gets back on the mound in the big leagues, but already there is light at the end of the tunnel for Aaron Sanchez.

The 2016 AL ERA leader is, of course, on the DL for a third time this season, dealing with the aftermath of a long-term blister problem and a fingernail “procedure” to alleviate it that didn’t quite go to plan. After his last attempt to pitch ended in yet another bloody mess, he said he was determined to get the issue completely right, and completely healed. What that meant for his timeline was unclear. Today, finally, almost two weeks after he hit the DL, we’ve got our first touch of clarity:

That’s not exactly great news — there are still a few steps between beginning to play catch again and him actually suiting up for the Jays (throwing from distance, throwing off a mound, proper side sessions, rehab games, building his arm back up) — but it’s great news.

Progress! The first small steps toward his return!