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Ugh. Devon Travis Back To the DL With a Knee Injury

Well… this isn’t good:

No, I mean it really isn’t good:

That’s right, it’s not his hand — off which he took a hard pitch from Luis Severino of the Yankees over the weekend, and what you would have expected to be the culprit when you heard “Travis to the DL” — it’s his oft-troublesome knee.


Dominic Leone has been recalled from Buffalo to take Devo’s place on the roster.

In a Sportsnet report that broke the news, Shi Davidi explains that, “on Monday, manager John Gibbons said Travis’s hand was still sore and that he was a couple of days away from trying to grip a bat.” So… uh… maybe they’re just taking the chance here to give him some downtime anyway, given that he was due to miss a few games regardless??

Travis’s knee was bothering him last week, and was the reason he was given the day off last Thursday against the Yankees. He continued to play on it through the weekend, starting on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Between then and now, with no game activity, did it take that much of a turn for the worse? Are the Jays perhaps just getting ahead of a potential controversy by not hiding that they’re sending him to get his knee looked at, even though he might have played through it if there wasn’t also a hand issue preventing him from gripping the bat?

Hopefully! But that’s a rather optimistic way to look at this. And if the Jays could spin it that way, I’d imagine they would. So, we don’t really have a choice but to take it at face value, and taken at face value, like John says, it’s not exactly great.

Hey, silver linings, though, eh?



Hey, remember that feeble attempt at optimism? Yeah… about that…

Goddamn it.

Aaaaaand another “goddamn it”:


Slightly less frustrating updates:

* * *

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