Blue Jays Mailbag: Which AL East Team Should Toronto Be Most Worried About?

The Blue Jays continue to inch toward .500, and toward relevance in the American League. And although the trade deadline is still more than six weeks away, the thoughts of the fan base seem to have turned to reinforcements, and what the front office can do to make this roster better.

And while no realistic answer about the 2017 Jays’ trade prospects is going to be satisfying to fans clamouring for better options in the bullpen, in left field, and at second base, as we open up this week’s Blue Jays mailbag, we learn that such trivialities aren’t going to stop fans from speculating! So let’s dig in, with an especially transaction-heavy early-June edition!

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At the start of the season, you said the Red Sox were most likely to challenge the Jays for 1st in the AL East. In mid-June, the Yankees have a 3 1/2 game lead. Do you still think the Red Sox are the biggest obstacle in the Jays way to winning the division?


Yeah, I do.

Despite also leading their divisions, I don’t think the Twins or the Brewers are real, either.

Which isn’t to say that the Yankees aren’t better than a lot of people gave them credit for, myself included. I expected that they’d be pesky, and that they wouldn’t be pushovers in their games against the Jays, but after all the veterans they traded last July and over the winter, I certainly didn’t expect this.

But I also don’t expect this to continue. Aaron Judge looks legit, but he isn’t Mike Trout. Nothing about Aaron Hicks has ever suggested he’s anything close to one of the ten best hitters on the planet. Right now Didi Gregorius ranks just inside the top 60 in wRC+ among hitters with at least 150 plate appearances, and there are six Yankees regulars who rank ahead of him. Six!!! And stupid Jordan Montgomery is giving them productive starts, to boot! That shit is nuts!