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FFS: Donaldson Scratched With Knee Soreness

“Obviously we’re not pleased with our record, but we’re pleased with the fact that our team was able to dig out of a significant hole,” said Ross Atkins in an interesting piece today from Mark Feinsand of MLB.com (in which Ian Kinsler was floated, among others, as a possible fix at second base for the Jays — though not, obviously, by the GM). “Now we’re very much in it. We can’t climb back into one of those holes, because there’s not as much time left. We need to play at a better-than-.500 clip, but we’re glad that we’re in a situation to even talk about that, given our start.”

He’s right! But the best way, by far, for the Jays to play at that better-than-.500 clip is to have their best player in the lineup as often as possible. Apparently, though, the Jays can only wish they could be so lucky when it comes to health…

That’s…. minor-ish sounding? One hopes. But also not cool!

I mean, whatever gets him healthiest the quickest is what they should do, and if it means a day off, it means a day off, it’s just… woof. That blows. HE’S GONNA MISS THEM FINALLY GETTING TO .500!

Even more fun: Donaldson wasn’t even slated to play third base today — Russell Martin was in the original lineup at third, with JD set to DH. Kendrys Morales — who was supposed to have a day off, and who runs like he has knee soreness HEYO! — will return to his normal spot at DH.