Game Threat: Salvaging Something, Blue Jays (35-39) @ Royals (37-36)

This certainly hasn’t been the weekend we were expecting in Kansas City. Just a few days ago, the Blue Jays were grinding to reach .500 for the ninth time, now, after a hideous implosion and another tight loss, we’re just looking to salvage something.

If you’re feeling down on the team right now, here’s a very good distraction. Arden Zwelling wrote a great article on Bo Bichette, who, as the tweet suggests, wants to be the best.



Radio: SN590

And now, the lineups…

Blue Jays

Francisco Liriano: 5.76 ERA, 50 IP, 9.5 H9, 1.3 HR9, 5.4 BB9, 9.4 SO9


Jason Hammel: 4.83 ERA, 78 1/3 IP, 10.1 H9, 1.1 HR9, 2.8 BB9, 6.8 SO9

The Jays bats haven’t been able to get anything going this weekend, but maybe that’ll change with Jason Hammel on the mound. The former Oriole (who once called the Jays out for stealing signs) is having a pretty rough season, striking out only 6.8 batters per nine innings.