Photo Credit: Terry Foote

Jays Looking At Michael Saunders Again? I… Uh… OK…

Enormous grain of salt time here, which will become obvious when you see the source of the tweet, but…

Yes, that’s a new tweet — one of five that McCown has sent out into the digital ether since the start of May, he’s previous being a notice that his production company’s Rush documentary was getting a repeat airing on HBO a couple weeks ago.

We’re not exactly talking about a font of inside Blue Jays information, is what I’m trying to say.

And yet this one… actually makes some sense. Maybe? A little bit?

Saunders was just given his full release by the Phillies, and one of the great truisms of baseball is that there is no such thing as a bad minor league deal. Plus, a year ago this time Saunders was steaming towards an appearance in the All-Star Game!

Granted, since then he’s been the worst player in baseball. Literally. Well… almost. Over the last 365 days, 1,047 players have made at least one plate appearance in the majors, and only two — Cody Asche (-1.6) and Ben Revere (-1.4 — told’ja he was bad) — have been more detrimental to their teams, in terms of WAR, than Saunders (-1.2).

But still! Saunders never seemed as though he wanted to leave, and if Carrera goes down again, or if the Bisons can catch lightning in a bottle, he could prove useful. Theoretically.

That is, provided he’s not taking away playing time from someone, y’know, with an actual future with this club. But with Ian Parmley (assuming he exists) in the actual fucking Major Leagues for this club right now, that doesn’t seem to be much of an issue at the moment.

I mean, I have zero expectations of Saunders being anything, and — to be clear — zero expectations that this rumour is even real. But what the hell? Couldn’t hurt.