Blue Jays Mailbag: Why Roberto Osuna Should Be Converted to a Starter

Welp. It seems as though the Toronto Blue Jays have gone and done the one thing they absolutely couldn’t do, and repeated the horrific stretch of baseball we saw them open the season with. It’s not over over—it’s never really over here in the era of the second wild card, and the Jays entered the Fourth of July still just five back there before taking the second contest of their three-game set in the Bronx—but it’s not good, and it feels worse.

This should be a refreshing little dip into the ol’ mailbag, eh? So let’s do it!

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Would you convert Osuna to SP next year? I know the move can be problematic but imagine rotation with him. If not a contender, no need for a closer. Chris

I would do it tomorrow, to be perfectly honest.

Or… maybe not tomorrow—like I keep saying (read: trying to convince myself), the state of the 2017 season is maybe not as dire as it seems—but sooner rather than later. As in: if he actually wants to do it, I’d put the wheels in motion before the end of this season.