Apparently The Red Sox Don’t Think Highly Of The Blue Jays Offence…

I wrote in the Series preview earlier today that the Blue Jays would see Eduardo Rodriguez, Doug Fister, Drew Pomeranz, and Chris Sale from the Red Sox this week. It looks like John Farrell is going to be using the light-hitting Jays lineup as an opportunity to rest his rotation for a more difficult series.

Instead, Brian Johnson will start on Tuesday, Doug Fister will be moved back to Thursday in order for Sale to pitch against the Angels on the weekend.

What does this all mean? Well, in the short term, it’s a great thing. The Jays don’t have to get carved up by Chris Sale on Thursday in a game in which Toronto has yet to announce a starter. Overall, they’ll be playing a four-game series against Boston in which they don’t see Sale, David Price, or Rick Porcello. That’s, uh, that’s pretty incredible.

But what does it really mean? It means that John Farrell and the Red Sox think the Jays are bad. They see the Jays as the kind of team that you can rest your star players when facing if necessary.

Are they wrong? Unfortunately not. The Jays rank 25th in baseball with 4.16 runs per game and have look pretty limp at the plate recently. Last weekend, they got completely dominated by Michael Fulmer, which, I mean, fair enough, he’s great. But on Sunday, they got shut down by the Tigers’ putrid bullpen, which isn’t a good look.

Maybe I’m looking too far into it and Sale would have been given a day off regardless. Anyways, this kind of hurts. Hopefully the Jays can take advantage of the opportunity facing Boston’s worst-possible four-guy rotation and make Farrell look like an idiot.

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    Jays offense is atrocious. Too slow, too old, not enough obp. Jbats, tulo, martin are too old. Goins, pillar, barney are black holes. The red sox know you just need to keep the ball in the ballpark against the jays and its an easy win.