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Jon Heyman Creates Content By Mentioning Jays and Odor

In a bold move today at Fan Rag Sports, Jon Heyman published an AL Notes piece linking the Blue Jays to Rougned Odor, of all people.

Not only that, he mentions that the Jays “have tried for” Odor “at some points in the past.” WHOOOOAAA!!! BONKERS!!!!

He then quickly notes that “it’s possible those efforts came before the famous punch-out incident.” *COUGH*

Leaving aside the fact that nobody was punched out in said incident, this is somewhat interesting. Almost. I mean… Odor is — or was — a pretty good player. This year he’s gone completely and delightfully to dogshit, hitting a nearly Goins-esque 64 wRC+ based on a pitiful .215/.254/.397 slash line, but he’s still just 23 and has a couple two-win seasons under his belt. Maybe the Jays would be interested in buying low on a guy like that with five years and less than $50 million remaining on his contract (including the buyout of his 2023 option). It sure would be funny!

As funny as the fact that Heyman notes “Jays president Mark Shapiro employed Rougned’s uncle Rouglas Odor with the Indians for two decades so there is a connection there,” and that I can’t stop reading Odor’s uncle’s name as Scooby Doo trying to say Douglas? No. Not quite that funny. But pretty funny!

My quess would be that Odor was a guy the Jays looked at around the time they ended up with Devon Travis, and that this is where all that’s coming from. He certainly ticked off a lot of the same boxes: young second baseman, big league ready, likely blocked at his position for a while (Jurickson Profar was supposed to be a thing!), looked like a guy who might really hit the ball.

He has, a bit, too! He just hasn’t ever been able to take a walk. And also, he punched José Bautista and possibly threw at his face and is soiled diaper-trash and fuck off with this noise!

Good content, tho. Good content.

* * *

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