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Game Threat: Something About The 2016 ALCS, Blue Jays (44-51) @ Cleveland (48-45)

The last time the Blue Jays were in the Cleveland, they dropped the first two games of the American League Championship Series by a combined score of 4-1. Good times.

News and Scuttlebutt

Because 2017, Aaron Sanchez seems to be headed back to the disabled list. At this point, it’s not even about the rest of the season for Sanchez, the main worry is whether or not he’ll be fine for the 2018 season. If he does land on the DL, it’ll be his fourth trip of the season for the same issue.

In better news, Joe Smith will be back tomorrow. They’re giving him an extra day of rest, and with the scuffling Marco Estrada on the mound, they likely want to have Cesar Valdez available to pitch multiple innings if things go sour.



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And now, the lineups…

Blue Jays

Marco Estrada: 5.33 ERA, 104 2/3 IP, 9.5 H9, 1.5 HR9, 3.7 BB9, 9.9 SO9


Trevor Bauer: 5.59 ERA, 93 1/3 IP, 9.6 H9, 1.4 HR9, 3.6 BB9, 10.1 SO9

  • lukewarmwater

    Cam, the greatest goal of any commissioner of the so called big four in sports is to have parity also known as mediocrity as the two world serious finalists scuffle to stay above 500. Now obviously Houston, Dodgers are in a league of their own but much of the rest of the league will have the new term of meaningful games in September. That being the case, the injury riddled Jays are not necessarily out of it. However poor Sanchez should just be shut down for the rest of the year. As you astutely point out this injury could just be this season or could it be next year as well. Only the brightest of the brightest medical specialists know for sure. You have to feel sorry for young Aaron. Don’t feel the same compassion for the money grubbing Boras.
    The Yankees are proving to be desperate to get to the wild card game but have been the old Brooklyn bums rather than the Yankees of the glory decades. Despite a cast of high paying starters and a good hitting line up, Boston isn’t a team I see winning the east. They too have been under 500 over the last 3 weeks. Jays should have could have, would have taken 3 out of 4 with decent speed on the base paths against the Red Sox.
    I’m not sure if you would agree with me but at this point the old boom, bang, crash , swing for the fences isn’t working in far too many games especially on the road. Case in point in one of the recent games , Morales who I could out run even though I’m twice as old as him was not lifted for a pinch runner late in a close game with the . Morales likely wouldn’t have batted again with Mr. Lights out Osuna coming on in the ninth.
    Another game, future hall of famer Joe Sidall, did I spell his name right, I don’t know I don’t care went ape when the injury riddled Donaldson late in a game in a major slump dared to try to sacrifice bunt. Once again the Jays get a run that inning and Osuna finishes the ninth. Btw Osuna proved to be human after all as he actually blew a save in 24 games. Yep at this point Gibby has to get this team clawing, scratching, biting for any freaking run they can get especially on the road.
    If only there was a young prospect with decent speed, healthy and has a good glove to be an additional outfielder used defensively late in the game and a pinch runner. How is the walking injured Pompey these days???

  • Holly Wood

    Ok I am new at this but if “I was commissioner for a day I would admit that that balls are maybe not juiced but are at least different and order the old version of. The ball be returned to play. Some may argue that the juiced ball adds offence, but it also has created “blister” issues. To create more offence defence would need to have no more than two infielders on either side of second, eliminating the shift.More base hits equals more offence . Now if I was Shapiro/Atkins for a day I would shop, waive, dfa or whatever else to the overrated overpaid namely Bautista, Liriano, Loup, Montero, Morrales, Estrada, Tulo, The Jays are now old, and slow. What happened to the idea they were looking to become more athletic and not be so dependent on the long ball.

    • lukewarmwater

      Holly Wood, I recall that press gathering at the end of the Jays last playoff run in which Gibbons hinted that he wanted to see more speed on the team. The Mistake on the Lake team instead gave them an even slower squad. I tend to agree that baseballs seem to be travelling the distance of golf balls these days Infielders over the years seem to have more range, size and strength but the shift has indeed made it difficult for guys to get a grounder through the infield.
      There was a play in the Boston series where a slow moving Jays runner lumbered up to first and the Boston second baseman who seemed to be half way out in right field, ran practically to the first base side foul line and made a stab at a hard hit ball and almost threw the Jay plodding ball player out at first base.
      Most of us stated at the beginning of the season stated that with this elderly collection of players the baseball Gods would have to be kind to us. We are indeed the oldest team in the league. The Gods were not. Plus the barren cupboard left by A.A. is taking time to replenish.
      Some will argue about a certain game as being the game that ended the Jays season, the 15 run game, the 19 run game , last night’s 8 run 7th. But I think the fact that Shaitkins would actually go out and get a guy who threw his pitching staff under the bus, namely the Chicago Cubs Montero who after this bum allowed 7 runners to steal blamed the pitching staff. Yeah, yeah, yeah the pitcher and his delivery plays a role in that steal but this bum hadn’t thrown anyone out all season. I mean I get teams will go looking for bargain basement barrel players. But picking up Montero told Jay fans that this new management was scraping that bottom of the barrel.
      The rebuild is on as think about it, Estrada, Happ, Bautista, Tulo, Donaldson, Martin, Pearce etc. will all be gone in the next couple of years. I don’t mind the pain of the rebuild as the Jays are forced to bring in the kids. But as you astutely point out it is frustrating watching sooo many guys deteriorate or be on the injury reserve list. The Sanchez story is particularly frustrating.
      One final thought out here in Vancouver, the single A affiliate is now averaging close to 6,000 fans with a single A Jays farm team. It is a fun , beer garden with more activity off the field than on the field. Half the crowd couldn’t tell you the score at the end of the game. The big Smoke which is the fourth largest market in North America, this is why Mayweather and MacGregor held their travelling W.W.E. show press conference in Toronto.
      That being the case, throw in opening day, July 1st, promotion nights, the Yankees and Red Sox playing close to one quarter of your home schedule and the Jays even with a crap team still will draw around 2.5 million fans as the young crowd is there for a beer garden with the double advantage of it being out doors or closed depending on whether they close the roof or not. Good old Rogers is laughing to the bank and undoutably have the attitude, what are you silly sap fans complaining about, we gave you a year and a half of exciting baseball in 2 decades, what more do you want and besides you also got Uncle Ted’s statue with the pigeon shit on it to stare at.

      • Holly Wood

        I am a west coaster also. Been to a few Canadians games while going to ubc years ago, great ball park and atmosphere. You are spot on about Montereo. , hard to throw out runners when you throw two hoppers to second. Still gonna watch the games, hey they are usually on at beer o’clock