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The Awfulness of 2017 Summed Up In One Tweet and One Chart

It’s just been one of those years…

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For those of you who can’t be arsed to click on the series of images, let me explain what James has boldly done here: He’s shown us the 2017 batting lines of Ezequiel Carrera and Josh Donaldson.

Carrera has slashed .292/.361/.436, posting a 115 wRC+ in 220 plate appearances.

Donaldson has slashed .238/.358/.421, good for a 111 wRC+ over 240 plate appearances.

Fuck my fucking life.

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I did a little bit of horrifying math in my previous post, but it’s worth repeating, and is more appropriate here:

Like everybody else in the goddamned universe, when camp broke at the end of March, I didn’t expect we’d be sitting here four months later with the Jays having got a combined 1.2 WAR out of Donaldson (+1.2), Tulowitzki (+0.3), Bautista (+0.1), Morales (-0.4), and Sanchez (0.0) — plus less than three wins combined from Devon Travis (+0.7), J.A. Happ (+0.6), and Marco Estrada (+1.6).

That’s 4.1 wins combined for Donaldson, Tulo, Bautista, Happ, Travis, Morales, Sanchez, and Estrada in 2017. (All numbers per FanGraphs).

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Here’s what that group did in 2016:

Player 2016 WAR
Josh Donaldson 7.6
Aaron Sanchez 3.9
J.A. Happ 3.2
Marco Estrada 3.0
Troy Tulowitzki 2.8
Devon Travis 2.5
José Bautista 1.4
Kendrys Morales 0.7
TOTAL 25.1

I remember staring, jaw agape, at these kinds of numbers back in 2013 — which tells you exactly what kind of season this has been. Twenty five wins above replacement turned into four. For those of you out there desperate to blame John Gibbons, or Mark Shapiro, or Ross Atkins, or anybody else, there are your real culprits — most of the team’s best players. Players, it should be noted, who — Morales excepted — just about every fan would have been horrified if the Jays had moved last winter.


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  • Jaysdude

    Yup, that pretty much tells the story. I’ve been very surprised that more people haven’t been commenting about how bad Donaldson has been this year. Yes he was injured early and yes he’s more likely than any of the other hitters to recover, but he’s been pretty bad for the most part. Just before the all star break I was watching a game when they flashed his numbers for the year, and I remember thinking that just wasn’t Donaldson-like numbers. Nine homers and thirty driven in at the all star break? For a guy who was killing opposing pitching only a year ago, that’s pretty horrid.

    To be honest, I’ve never really been sold on Gibby as a manager (the first time or now) and I think he screwed the pooch big time the last few days of the 2015 season when they had a chance to come out of the regular season with the best AL record. But to blame this season on him or management is silly.

  • Will Murray

    For all the naysayers out there at the start of,and throughout, the season, not many of them pointed to Donaldson slash line falling below Zeke’s, Sanchez being a non-factor, and Estrada completely falling off the face of the earth. These were 3 of the most important players on last year’s team. It’s unfair,I suppose, to play the what if these guys were as advertised and ignore the fact Smoak and the bullpen have exceeded expectations, but , yeah, in the era of 2 WCs, if you think those three were worth a handful more wins, it certainly lines up closer with the type of record many of us expected this season even if Tulo, Bautista, and Liriano regressed more than we hoped/predicted.

  • Teddy Ballgame

    It’s remarkable, really. I think *some* regression was expected this year…not the cornerstones of the past two playoff teams to all fall into an open manhole at the same time.

    2013 was waaaaay worse, though. There weren’t any fresh playoff memories to act as a balm to the disappointment.

  • bartron_44

    Yikes, that is 60% of your rotation and what most predicted as the top 5 hitters in this years lineup all having epic fail type seasons….Can you imagine where this team would be without Justin Smoak and Zeke? We wouldn’t have a single position player with an OPS above .789 (Donaldson), or a regular with a batting average north of .270. It is just scary how bad of an offense we have with the amount of money most of them are getting paid.