Blue Jays Mailbag: Who to Keep, Who to Sell, and Why There’s Hope for 2018

The big 10-game road trip out of the All-Star break is over, and the Toronto Blue Jays are… still playing baseball, it turns out. They actually won in their return home on Monday, but… woof.

We beat on, boats against the current, and all that. Which is a hell of a mood to be in as we get set open up this week’s edition of the mailbag, isn’t it? So let’s have at it!

If you have a Blue Jays question you’d like me to tackle for next week, be sure to send it to stoeten@gmail.com. As always, I have not read any of Griff’s answers.

Hi Stoeten

Could the Blue Jays market Liriano as a potential high strikeout lefty coming out of the bullpen?

Obviously it would help his value if he was performing that role right now but he did perform that role last year down the stretch and in the playoffs


Uh, market him? I really don’t think that’s how this works. Other teams might see him as a reliever, sure, but they would be aware of his usage last year and how he would fit their team. The Jays won’t be making sales pitches. They’re not running a used car lot.

Who should stay and who should go on the Jays team? Marilyn

Well, I’d say that anybody the Jays can’t get appropriate value for on the trade market should stay. Meaning: I don’t want to see them give players away, or trade them just to trade them.

Or… I would have said that if their continuing limp play wasn’t slowly sucking the life out of us all, making the notion of keeping any of their impending free agents feel more pointless by the day.


* * *

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  • Jimboknows

    Great stuff as always, Stoets, but you made a glaring typo. Regarding the section on Go-Go’s excellence with bases loaded, it should have read “For me, there’s certainly got to be a bunch of GOINSIDENCE in there”.

  • mr_common

    Gotta disagree with the idea that if you bring in the kids that fans won’t come. The reason fans are complaining is because the team isn’t winning – if that continues they won’t show up, regardless of whether its Russ Martin, Tulo, Pillar and Jose Bautista or Alford, Guerriel, Pompey and some journeyman catcher. Ticket sales next year will be down significantly next year in the pre-season at this point, so what is a better marketing ploy to try and marginalize those losses?

    Option 1: Come see our regular guys another year older and another year worse?

    Option 2: We traded away names for financial relief, and are going with a few midcard free agents we now have room for, plus Donaldson, Morales, Smoak, and exciting young kids like Alford, Pompey, Guerriel and Smith Jr. ready to help out?

    If we can move Martin (I admit the most valuable of this group and the most questionable), Tulo, Jose, Pillar, maybe even Morales, plus of course Estrada and Liriano for cash relief and a few marginal prospects at the double A level, we should do it, because sending out the same old isn’t going to keep people coming. Too much track record in the last 18 months to show what this team really is, past their peak – some new blood might win and will bring in more fans, even if they aren’t names.

  • spud64

    I really don’t get the “Fire Gibbons!” crowd. The Giants swing from terrible to pennant winners on a regular basis but nobody suggests they should fire Bruce Bochy. People always reaching for the simple answer..if they fire Gibbons and the team is still terrible what then?