Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

F***, The F***ing Audio Of Gibbons Post F***ing Ejection Is So F***ing Good

John Gibbons got #Umpshow’d today by somebody named Will Little, who was apparently under the impression that 40,000 people had come out to see him do his thing.

Sorry, kids! I know you wanted to see Russell Martin and watch Marcus Stroman pitch, but Enrico Palazzo over here would prefer that he was the centre of attention, and demands that you acknowledge his hurt widdle feewings.

Gibbons, like all of us, was unimpressed. But why take my word for it when we can (almost) hear the earful he gave Little after sauntering onto the field to get his money’s worth for having been tossed.

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And to think there are Jays “fans” who don’t like John Gibbons. Proper legend.