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Holy Hell, Steve Pearce With His Second Walk-Off Grand Slam In A Week, Jays Win With Seven Run Ninth

Sleeve Fierce, holy shit!

After a long afternoon of what seemed destined to be more soul-crushing baseball wearing their cursed red abominations, the Toronto Blue Jays did a hell of a thing on Sunday, lighting Bud Norris and Brooks Pounders the fuck up. A seven run ninth inning! An 11-10 victory! A game most sensible people would have turned off or left — and judging by all the empty seats at the end, many did — turned into an epic comeback and one of the greatest Blue Jays moments of this dogshit season.

Goins walks. Pillar homers. Refsnyder doubles. Carrera singles. Martin singles. Smoak grounds out. Morales walks. And then Steve fucking Pearce blasts one to end it.


And here are all the various radio and TV calls of the slam, via the great @James_in_TO:

You know, I know this season has got people down after riding the highs of the last couple years, but we forget so quickly that for a long time the mantra around here was simply “get us meaningful baseball in September,” and even though they’re maybe not going to quite be able to do that this year, with the right tweaks they can certainly do it in 2018 — and, damn it, it will be fun as hell if they do. I’m not saying that’sΒ enough, I’m just saying it will be fun. And that I can’t believe there are people out there who genuinely want this team to be bad. Because this team and these playersΒ can be fun, as easy as that’s been to forget sometimes. And this was fuckin’ amazing!!

  • FlamesRock

    I almost shut my tv off when the Angels scored the 10th run!! Man would I pissed now if I had!!! They might now be having a great year but shit do they fight!!!

  • AD

    People want this team to be bad because its for the long term benefit of the franchise. Going for it in 2018 would just delay the inevitable rebuild. If shapkins are any good, you need to trust they know what they are doing, start the rebuild now, and hopefully be a really strong team again in 2-3. This week has prob been the best week of the jays season so far but the team is still a trainwreck( old, slow, and expensive) and not good.

  • Player to Be Named Later

    I was at Thursday’s game, and again today. What a f*cking blast. I shall never see the like again. Baseball was invented to make us happy, and by god didn’t it do that today?

  • lukewarmwater

    Wow, the grand old game of baseball where anything can happen and usually does as was so poignantly illustrated today by Steve “Grand Slam”Pearce. Touch them all Steve just the way you did against the A’s.
    Andrew is indeed right in that we do have a solid nucleus of key players to build around. My goodness the World Series champs, who were to be the next dynasty in baseball are 6 games above 500. A team’s fortune whether up or down can turn on a dime. I happen to believe that the Cleveland duo built up a solid farm system for the Indians and are already starting to replenish the cupboards left bare by A.A.
    Hopefully the baseball God’s will heal Sanchez and Travis. We make a couple of deals to get a speedy solid defensive outfielder to complement Pillar, along with a lefty reliever and a back up who can hit half his weight and can play a solid defence behind the plate.
    Who knows maybe one of the young kids makes the jump to the bigs earlier than we thought as Osuna first joined the team at a tender age of 20.
    As I pointed out earlier in the day let us not forget we had 35 wins from young Sanchez and the veteran Happ last year. This year thanks to the blisters, an arm problem for Happ and the two dominant pitchers of 2016 have a total of 4 victories.
    Each April brings new optimism, hope, enthusiam. I’m sure this time last year, not too many people would have suggested the Rockies and Arizona would likely be the two wild card teams in the N.L in 2017. As I stated what makes this game so great is the unpredictability and baby you saw it today in spades.
    p.s. Andrew thanks for the feeds of all the broadcasts, especially the Angels and the one in which the broadcaster does a Ric “the nature boy” Flair. Whooooooooo.