This team, man. Blue Jays Blow Six-Run Lead To Very Bad White Sox.

What can you even say at this point? Under 24 hours after the Blue Jays pulled off one of the most legendary comebacks in franchise history, they go ahead and lay an egg of their own. The Jays held a 6-0 lead against the White Sox, a team that’s actively going out of their way to be terrible this season, but managed to allow seven unanswered runs in the final three innings.

This past week has been nuts. On Wednesday night, you have the back-to-back homers in under one minute to pull out a win after the team had three hits in the previous eight innings. On Thursday afternoon, you have a walk-off grand slam. On Friday, you have a blown, two-run save by one of the most nails closers in the game. On Sunday, you have a seven-run ninth inning capped off by another grand slam. Then, finally, today you have this. Marco Estrada pitches himself a gem for the first time in, like, months, and the ‘pen implodes.

You have the 2017 Chicago White Sox, the team featuring what appears to be players from a random name generator — Kevan Smith? Alen Hanson? Kevan?! Alen?!! What the fuck?! — rallying to score six runs off of Joe Biagini, Ryan Tepera, and Roberto Osuna.

I mean, personally, I’m not even mad. You just kind of have to embrace it. This Blue Jays team is a beautiful tragedy. They go from so incredibly amazing to so soul-crushingly bad in such short periods of time you can’t even bother to try to wrap your mind around it. They’re a goofy, flawed team capable of ever so much, both good and bad. But like any enigma, you just have to roll with the punches, because they’re inevitable.

Don’t ever get too high. Obviously enjoy the Pearce grand slams, the Coghlan flips, and everything in between, but don’t go all in. It’ll make the blown games and the prolonged streaks of lifelessness unbearable. Just ride that wave.