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Jays Latest Roster Moves Include Joe Biagini To Buffalo

Who knew that after all these years, the Toronto Blue Jays could still surprise us? It really makes you feel like you’re in love again for the first time, doesn’t it?

The Jays announced a couple roster moves before their game against [whichever team the Jays are playing — be sure you go check this before you hit publish], and you know what? They were genuinely surprising.

Surprise number one: the fact that a player named Raffy Lopez exists. Turns out that he’s a catcher and has been playing for Buffalo for quite some time — not that anybody with a hint of self respect would have known a thing like that [too far?]. He’ll take the place of Miguel Montero on the roster, with the former Cubs catcher hitting the DL with [some made up bullshit because he sucks, probably].

Surprise number two was [maybe?] that Danny Barnes was being activated from the DL. I’m pretty sure I was a little bit concerned when Barnes went down with a shoulder impingement back [let me guess, 10 days ago], but I guess he’s OK! [Surprise?]

Surprise number three was, of course, the Biagini thing.

Thinking about it, though, it probably shouldn’t have been all that surprising: Joe Biagini is officially headed to Buffalo to be stretched out as a starter.

With Aaron Sanchez on the DL, and Francisco Liriano now in Houston, Cesar Valdez is full-on the Jays’ fourth starter. [Y’know, just in case anyone was wondering if they’d waved the white flag yet *COUGH*]. So they might as well give someone with a chance to factor into the 2018 rotation a shot to impress, right? Not to mention the opportunity to get used to the routine.

And you know what’s actually funny? [Do I?] [Do I!]. Though it definitely felt like his run as a starter got worse with every outing, the numbers from that run in the rotation maybe tell a different story.

In his first two turns as a starter, Biagini pitched nine innings, striking out seven and allowing just one unearned run. SURPRISE! He wasn’t quite able to keep up that pace in the outings that followed. If you take out those two early gems, Biagini’s ERA as a starter balloons to 6.70. But on the other hand, his FIP over those nine starts is just 4.27. His FIP as a starter overall, including the first nine innings, is an impressive 3.83. And all those numbers — in addition to similar K%-BB%, xFIP, and GB% as both a starter and reliever — uh… maybe start to add up to the fact that he wasn’t quite as bad as we think.

Sure! I can buy it. And I certainly can buy that they couldn’t come up with a better idea to take that fifth rotation spot.

Shit, some experimentation over the season’s last two months actually sounds quite refreshing. [Like a failing sitcom adding a baby in season six.]. I say go for it!