Game Threat: Tepesch Mode, Yankees (59-52) @ Blue Jays (53-59)

The Blue Jays will turn to Nick Tepesch, who will become the 11th different starting pitcher the team has used this season, to help keep their faint playoff hopes alive. They’re somehow only four games out of the second wild card spot, so a big run down the stretch could push them into the playoffs.


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News and Scuttlebutt

Raffy Lopez will become the fifth different backup catcher to start for the Jays tonight. Don’t know who he is? You aren’t alone!

Also, today’s big news was the release of the Player’s Weekend nickname jerseys. Some were very good, while others were, uh, very bad! Check it out if you haven’t:

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Radio: SN590

And now, the lineups…

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Blue Jays

Nick Tepesch: 4.69 ERA, 224 2/3 IP, 9.6 H9, 1.2 HR9, 2.9 BB9, 5.5 SO9 (MLB CAREER)


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Masahiro Tanaka: 4.93 ERA, 129 2/3 IP, 9.4 H9, 1.9 HR9, 1.9 BB9, 9.6 SO9 (2017)

Okay, so this pitching matchup isn’t ideal. But that’s life when you’re rolling with a three-man rotation. Two of the starters every five days are going to be complete randoms.

We’ve moved from Cesar Valdez to Nick Tepesch, who’s only tossed one-and-two-thirds innings in the big leagues this season. For his career, Tepesch owns a 4.69 ERA with the Rangers, Dodgers, and Twins as predominantly a pitch-to-contact guy, but hopefully he puts together a Chein-Ming Wang circa June 2013 start and helps the Jays on their run. You have the chance to etch yourself in Blue Jays lore, Ryan! Capitalize on it!

Also, holy hell, look at the bottom of that lineup! Kevin Pillar is batting FIFTH! Ahh!

  • lukewarmwater

    Cam give us the Vegas odds with that murders row after Pearce. But as it has been stated a gazillion times, anything can happen in a baseball game and usually does. Btw. I truly appreciate the work all you guys do. But when I don’t get a report on a Jays victory against the hated Cranky Yankees, I get cranky like the Yankees. Then again I’m old , mind younger than the wife, shhhhh I hope she doesn’t read this.