Hear This: Talkin’ Jays on TSN 1290 Winnipeg

The Jays — and, let’s be honest, the existence of the second Wild Card spot — are giving us a bit of optimism here in the middle of August. Who’dve thunk it??!? Not the “stop saying it’s early” dopes who feel the need to be proven wrong every year about the vast length and many twists and turns of a baseball season, that’s for goddamned sure!

And it was with this optimism as the backdrop that I chatted yesterday on The Afternoon Ride on TSN 1290 Winnipeg, discussing, among other things, the garbage teams that are ahead of the Blue Jays in the standings right now, the Marco Estrada trade waiver situation, and the (slim) possibility of the Jays actually going out and getting Giancarlo Stanton (which — fuck it! — they should probably actually do, as Gideon Turk discussed today at BP Toronto).

And fortunately for this post, because the Jays actually won last night, all of this stuff seems relevant.

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My segment begins at the 1 hour and 51 minute mark — which this link should take you straight to, if you prefer not to use the player below. Either way, have a listen!