Blue Jays Mailbag: What a Josh Donaldson Extension Could Cost Toronto

The Blue Jays are through with interleague play for the season, but not without taking one last giant gut-punch from the Chicago Cubs, ending what was a fantastic and fun weekend of baseball in the Windy City in just about as frustrating a way as possible.

The playoffs are still a possibility, but it’s hard not to get hung up on the disaster that unfolded in extra innings on Sunday. Or, at least, that’s where the questions we’re about to see in this week’s mailbag are at. So let’s dive in!

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Legit question: WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT 10th INNING??

Honestly, if it hadn’t been such a punch in the gut for Blue Jays fans, I’d almost say it was kind of cute. Just one of those inexplicable, unbelievable, never-seen- that-before things that give the game of baseball such great character. It wasn’t really a case of Roberto Osuna melting down (he’d induced three outs before anybody scored) nor was Raffy Lopez entirely to blame—strikeouts or not, Osuna was certainly quite a bit more wild than we’re used to seeing him. John Gibbons wasn’t to blame, either, although some on my Twitter timeline were in a hurry to do just that. You have to try pretty hard to see something wrong with a manager sticking with his best reliever in that situation—especially after the guy should have recorded all the outs he needed!