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Miguel Montero Did Good Tweets, Would Like His Wrigley Home Run Ball

Miguel Montero was outstanding during Sunday’s dogshit Blue Jays loss to the Cubs at Wrigley, capping off his return to the place where he won a World Series title last year with a double and a home run, to go with a pair of singles he hit on Friday. It was a hell of a response to some of the boo birds, who were out for him after his acrimonious departure from the Cubs this season, which came after he publicly threw Jake Arrieta under the bus to shield himself from questions about his inability to throw runners out. The hits weren’t his only response, though.

Switchin’ Gibby eventually took Montero out of the game, and it was his replacement, Raffy Lopez, who was at the wheel for the Jays’ disastrous bottom of the tenth inning. But ol’ Miggy wasn’t done with his work for the day, as this weekend he started tweeting again — for the first time since early July — and offered some kind words for the fans who supported him during his time with the Cubs, so less nice words for those who booed and trolled him, and tried to find out just what happened to the ball he hit that left the yard. (And did so, impressively, in his second language — which is why I’m not going to poke fun at the typos and such… funny as they may be.)

To wit:

LOL. More of this, Miggy!

TL, DR: Miguel Montero tweeted.