Photo Credit: Nick Turchiaro-USA Today Sports

Non-News News: J..A. Happ Was Claimed On Trade Waivers, Then Pulled Back

Wow. What a development:

Do I even need to write more than this here? We all know the drill, eh? Of course J.A. Happ and his team-friendly contract would be claimed on trade waivers by a club hoping for a chance to add his arm for a playoff run this year and for a “mere” $13 million next year. And of course the Jays preferred to keep him instead. They have enough rotation holes to deal with next year already!

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Nothing to see here but pure, hot,  unadulterated content.


* Just about every player goes on these waivers at some point in the month of August. Why wouldn’t they? The Jays wouldn’t want to rule out any possible major trade someone might want to make involing Happ, so they put him on. When someone claimed him, they pulled him back. MEHHHHHHHHHHHHH.