So How’s This Joe-Biagini-to-the-Rotation Thing Going?

“Blue Jays must end the Joe Biagini experiment” bellows a current headline over at  Jays Journal. And while I get that constantly churning out content means that sometimes you’re going to end up saying something utterly ridiculous just for the sake of saying something — hello, Bo Bichette mirroring Mike Trout’s MiLB career! — I……


Blue Jays Mailbag: September Call-Ups, 2018, and the Greatest Jay Ever

September is fast approaching and the Blue Jays are… pretty much what we thought they were? Though, I suppose that could mean anything, because there have been times this season where they’ve looked like world beaters (remember that 9-1 stretch in late May? Me neither), times they’ve looked like the worst baseball team in history,…


Series Preview: Playing Spoiler

Do you like the Red Sox? Neither do I. I mean, I don’t like the Yankees either, but something about playing a role in John Farrell and the Sox coughing up their massive division lead down the stretch is appealing to me.


Nori Aoki D’d FA, Leonel Campos Up, Brett Anderson Looms

The Jays are making some moves! Most notable among them is the fact that outfielder Nori Aoki, who was the ballast acquired from Houston to make the Teoscar Hernandez-Francisco Liriano trade work, has now been designated for assignment. The reciprocal move, according to the Jays, is the recall of Leonel Campos, though what’s going on…


Around The League: The Division Race Is Alive Again

The Jays might be dead in the standings, but the AL East race is back on! The Red Sox courteously allowed the Yankees back into the conversation with a putrid week, giving us two exciting races to watch as we make our way into September.


Series Recap: A Slow And Painful Death

There was still sorta kinda optimism rolling into this series against the Twins. Their three scheduled starting pitchers were all bad, and a sweep would bring the Blue Jays’ playoff run back to life. But the bats were suffocated again, making scrubs look like aces. Here we are now, at the end of August, and…


Series Preview: Players Weekend With The Big Sexy And The Twins

It’s Players Weekend! That means we finally get to see guys rock jerseys that say stuff like “Moaky”, “The Train”, and, of course, “Loup” on the back. If that doesn’t make up for the dread of being five games out of a playoff spot before September, I don’t know what will! But hey, this weekend…


Birds All Day Podcast: 128. Survey Says!

The Jays season is not going so well (yet again), but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to discuss — things like: the weird survey the club sent out this week, the debut of Tom Koehler, the future of Josh Donaldson and Kendrys Morales, Youppi and Tommy Lasorda, and the glimmer of playoff hope…