Leonel Campos Up, Cesar Valdez To the DL

Starting pitching, we hardly knew ye. Just as I was musing on Twitter about the possibility of Marco Estrada being a fit for the Mariners’ battered rotation, word came down from Shi Davidi that Leonel Campos had rejoined the Jays, meaning that someone else is headed to the disabled list. That someone, it turns out,…


Series Preview: Trying To Keep Some Hope Alive

If the Blue Jays are going to make an unlikely push to the wild card, they’re going to have to beat the teams ahead of them. Duh. They won’t see all of those teams again down the stretch, so beating teams like the Yankees is paramount.


Around The League: Alive But Not Well

The American League race has for quite some team been one between two horses. Sorry Tampa. How about that wild card, though? The Jays actually managed to make up some ground this week despite splitting six games and suffering some heartbreakers.


Series Recap: Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory

The Blue Jays were three outs away from winning this weekend (and this season’s) series with the Houston Astros, the best team in the American League, but they got 2017’d. They ended up dropping two of three in Houston, falling to five games back of the second wild card. I think this is an outcome…


The Toronto Sun vs. Marcus Stroman, Part II

Steve Simmons exhibits impressive discipline in his latest for the Toronto Sun, as he mostly  tries his best to sound like a right-thinking adult while attempting to throw Marcus Stroman under the bus. A close reading shows how badly he fails at it, but less keen readers — and when we’re talking about something written…


About Last Night… That Was, Uh, Something

So that was a game of baseball. Go figure these games sure seem to play out differently when you go from playing a stretch against the bottom of the barrel to one of the best teams in the league. It didn’t take long to notice either. Houston jumped on Valdez early grabbing the lead in…


Kendrys Morales Player Comp: Pedro Cerrano

Kendrys Morales was signed by the Blue Jays to a three year, 33 million dollar deal on November 18th last year. The deal raised a lot of eyebrows at the time. It was a quick move on a position that had a large surplus in the free agent market, and also was an early indication…


Jays Latest Roster Moves Include Joe Biagini To Buffalo

Who knew that after all these years, the Toronto Blue Jays could still surprise us? It really makes you feel like you’re in love again for the first time, doesn’t it? The Jays announced a couple roster moves before their game against [whichever team the Jays are playing — be sure you go check this…


Daily Duce: Friday, August 4th

Daily??!?!? Ken Rosenthal tweets that José Bautista is on trade waivers, which… jesus, do we have to do this every year? José, because of his 10-and-5 rights, could veto any trade or waiver claim. Let’s let him play out the string here and go out like the icon he is, eh? Oh, wait, did somebody…


Series Preview: The Cold Astros

The Blue Jays earned a split with the American League-leading Houston Astros right before the All-Star break, though they did it in the most painful way possible. The Astros absolutely murdered Toronto on two separate occasions, stomping them 12-2 and 19-1, making that split feel a lot uglier than the two wins would indicate.