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Game Threat: Rubber Match, Royals @ Blue Jays

The Blue Jays got spanked yesterday 15-5 and now need to win their final 10 remaining games this season in order to reach .500. The quest begins tonight with a game against Jason “2017 All-Star” Vargas.

Here’s an odd one. The Jays have let go of the manager of the Vancouver Canadians just days after he led the team to a championship and he was named Manager of the Year. That’s, uh, not a good look, regardless of what their reasoning was.



Radio: SN590

And now, the lineups…

J.A. Happ: 3.76 ERA, 131 1/3 IP, 9.2 H9, 1.2 HR9, 2.0 BB9, 8.7 SO9

Jason Vargas: 4.19 ERA, 163 1/3 IP, 9.3 H9, 1.4 HR9, 2.8 BB9, 6.6 SO9

Jason Vargas got off to a ridiculously good start to the season and wad good enough to earn the first All-Star nod of his career. Since then? He’s been a tire fire. Vargas has been getting drilled all over the place the last couple months, so this righty-heavy lineup should be primed to tee off tonight.