Blue Jays Mailbag: José Bautista’s Send-Off Was Perfect

José Bautista has likely played his final home game as member of the Toronto Blue Jays, having received an emotional send-off on Sunday at Rogers Centre. But the Jays’ season continues on, and so does this mailbag!

So let’s dive in, shall we?

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As much as we all love Bautista is he done? The stats (WAR) seems to indicate so. Any positives?

The only positives to see are in his past, unfortunately. He’s not too far removed from an excellent 2015 season, and his walk rate was still elite last year, and he showed a bit of pop as well. But this year he has truly been awful, like you say. Jays fans, I think, have tried not to think much about it—I know I’ve tried—but it’s hard not to see when you look at his numbers. This year there have been 433 players to make at least 100 plate appearances, and right now, per Baseball Reference, Bautista is dead last among them by WAR. Below Pujols, below Sandoval, below all of them.