Game Threat: Brooms, Blue Jays (75-83) @ Red Sox (91-66)

The season might be over, but also, fuck the Red Sox. Sweeping them, though it would alter the Blue Jays draft position (lolol what is this the NHL????) would be a good time. It would also mean we don’t have to watch those trash ass Massholes celebrate an American league East title, because that’s always vomit-inducing.

Blue Jays

Marco Estrada: 4.70 ERA, 183 2/3 IP, 8.7 H9, 1.5 HR9, 3.4 BB9, 8.5 SO9

Red Sock’s

Rick Porcello: 4.55 ERA, 197 2/3 IP, 10.4 H9, 1.6 HR9, 2.1 BB9, 7.9 SO9

Rick Porcello sucks ass and considering the Jays just spanked Chris Sale, a pitcher who doesn’t suck ass, my math suggests they’ll spank Rick Porcello even harder. I would love to see Teoscar Hernandez and Josh Donaldson blast some more goddamn dingers and I would also love to watch ACEstrada have another great start before the season comes to a close.