Series Recap: They Managed To Climb Out Of The Basement At The Last Possible Moment

At the very last possible moment, the Blue Jays pulled themselves out of last place in the American League East. They spent every single day this season in fifth in the division after dropping the season opener to the Orioles in Baltimore, but after a win over the Yankees and an O’s loss in Tampa Bay, the Jays are alone in fourth place.

Minor victories, friends! Minor victories.

What happened this weekend? Meh not a hell of a lot. The Jays dropped the first two games and won the last despite only getting two hits. Jose Bautista had a sac fly in his final at bat as a Blue Jay before being pulled from the game. Most importantly, nobody was injured and now was can look forward to some stress-free playoff ball, spring training, and off-season nonsense.


    Pulling a long con on the Trash Birds make this season almost worth it.

    Not at all mind you, however, I take comfort in knowing that as terrible as this season was, it was even worse for them.

  • The Humungus

    Player A -.215/.309/.423 : 92 WRC+, 95 OPS+
    Player B – .208/.309./.333 : 80 WRC+, 76 OPS+

    One of those players is Jose Bautista. The other is a PED abuser with a disgusting mouth full of chaw the the Orioles are paying $115M to over the next five years.

    I mean, yeah, Bautista’s year was ugly. But fuck, I’d take that line on a 36 having one last kick at the can for $18M than that fucking Chris Davis contract. Woof.