Blue Jays Mailbag: Who Toronto Could and Should Target This Offseason

The playoffs are in full swing, and the Blue Jays are at home watching. But that hardly means there aren’t big questions surrounding the club. Jays fans are already gearing up for what should be a fascinating, and perhaps even franchise-defining offseason.

Will Josh Donalson sign an extension? Can the Jays land some impact players? Who stays, who goes, who should they be targeting? All these questions, in some form or another, come our way in this week’s edition of the mailbag—so let’s dig in!

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What do you think the Jays would have to give up to get Giancarlo? What free agent pitcher do YOU want them to get?
Ryan G.

1) I have absolutely no idea. I think I read Jon Heyman say this week that the Marlins will almost certainly have to eat some salary and get some prospects back, because the optics of a straight dumping of Stanton’s contract would be so incredibly ugly, and that seems pretty reasonable. So… maybe they’d need to give up more than they’d be willing to, and we have a second reason—the first being the enormity of what’s still owed on that deal—to think that this is never going to happen. Hypothetically, though, I don’t think they’d need to give up Vlad or Bo from their minor league system, but beyond that I’m not really sure—though, as long as you’re not giving up those two guys, does it really matter?