Photo Credit: Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Roberto Osuna Hitting A Home Run Then Posing For A Fan’s Selfie Is Pretty Wonderful

The Blue Jays’ official Twitter account retweeted this on Sunday afternoon, which almost makes me not want to bother posting it myself. But since Twitter is so ephemeral and there isn’t exactly wave after wave of Blue Jays news due to come our way this week, I’m just going to go ahead and post it here — in bloggy permanence! (Ugh, which Sportsnet has apparently also already done, but… whatever…)

What is the “it” I’ve not yet managed to make reference to in the body of this post yet, you ask? Why, it’s video of the thing mentioned in the title: Roberto Osuna blasting a home run in a charity game in Hermosillo, Mexico, then pausing his home run trot at third base to pose with a fan taking a selfie. And, as I said in the title, it’s pretty damned great.

Let’s watch it, shall we?

Man, Mexico is pretty great. And yep, that’s exactly what that was. Totally as advertised. And a nice swing, too. Great stuff from el Chufito! (Aka the chubby guy, or so I’ve been told.)

No, you’re mailing in a post.