Geddy Lee Talkin’ Jays and Baseball with Dan Rather Is a Thing I’ll Write About Because It’s the Offseason

It is not usually my bag to so thoroughly take the bait from PR folks who cold email me fishing for links, but… y’know, it’s the offseason. But it doesn’t hurt that this one really is right in our wheelhouse.

Geddy Lee! Best bass player ever!

The iconic Rush bassist is also, of course, probably the most famous Toronto Blue Jays fan on the planet — or at least the most famous fan who truly lets it be known that he’s a fan, and can be seen regularly in his seats behind the plate at Rogers Centre. And here we have a teaser clip of him talking baseball with venerable newsman Dan Rather for his show The Big Interview on something called AXS TV.

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I’m not sure that we can even get AXS TV here in Canada, but if you have it on your cable package, you can watch Geddy talk baseball, Blue Jays, memorabilia, and probably a whole lot more, with Rather, on Tuesday night, October 24th, at 9 PM ET.

That 2015 AL East championship banner! Bless this man!