When Josh Donaldson Is At His Best, So Are The Blue Jays

This is one part of an off-season series that reviews how the Blue Jays did position-by-position in 2017 and how they look heading into 2018.  Josh Donaldson reminded everybody how good he is last summer. During the month of August, Donaldson caught fire and nearly dragged a putrid Jays roster back into playoff contention. He’s…


Roy Halladay Was the Person We All Aspire to Be

“The late Roy Halladay.” It’s going to take an awfully long time before those words don’t feel so wrong, so heart-wrenching, and so surreal. On Tuesday afternoon the Blue Jays, Phillies, their fans, and MLB, lost an icon and legend—words that, as big and impressive as they are, don’t even truly capture what the man called…


Marcus Stroman awarded Gold Glove

Lost in the devastation of Roy Halladay’s passing was news that Marcus Stroman won the first Gold Glove of his career. He edged out Chris Sale and Alex Cobb as the American League’s best defensive pitcher, while Kevin Pillar was edged out by Minnesota’s Byron Buxton for the centre field Gold Glove.


On Roy Halladay’s Death and the Fan Base He Gave So Much Life To

So today has been a little overwhelming. On Twitter, in particular, it’s been tough sledding. My feed has, understandably, been full of so much grief, so many poignant thoughts, and so many beautiful memories that it would be nearly impossible to share them all here. Roy Halladay was legitimately an all-time great pitcher, an all-time…