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The Return Of Deck McGuire!

I really don’t want to write a whole lot about Deck McGuire right now, because the chances that he makes the Blue Jays are slim, and the chances that he pitches for them in any meaningful way are even slimmer, but it’s certainly worth noting that the maligned former top Blue Jays draft pick (from the 2010 draft, which was so outrageously good beyond McGuire that one can hardly lament anything about it at all) has been reacquired by the club:

What’s also worth noting is that McGuire, perhaps surprisingly, had a pretty good year last year. He made 27 starts at Double-A in the Reds system, posting a 2.79 ERA and striking out more than a batter per inning. He then made his big league debut, finally, for the Reds, pitching 13.2 innings in six appearances, two of which were starts, where he allowed just four runs (2.63 ERA), walked just two, and struck out eleven.

I’m not saying this means he’s anything, but on a minor league deal with an invite, he doesn’t have to be. He’s certainly worth taking a look at. His fastball averaged 92-93 in his two starts, pushing 95 when he was pitching in relief; he has a starter’s repertoire, throwing a fastball, slider, curve, and changeup, with the slider being his most used secondary pitch; in his brief time in the big leagues he was effective against both left- and right-handed batters. And he’s still only 28. Maybe something clicked?

I mean, probably not. And the Jays still probably should have taken Chris Sale, who went two picks later — though, of coruse, going “safe” on McGuire allowed the Jays to feel good about making big upside plays on a couple guys named Sanchez and Syndergaard (which reminds me, remember when I used to defend AA (from morons), instead of now, when I tend to defend Shapiro (from morons)? Odd, huh?) — but… sure, why not? Let’s see where this one goes. Let’s get weird!

Uh… also: Woof.

  • Barry

    I was going to make a smart-ass comment about how touching it is when a former player re-signs with us so he can retire as a Blue Jay, but I would really like to see McGuire put together a decent big league career. You have to feel a little for a guy who got drafted in the first round and had what seemed to be realistic big league dreams, only to be labeled a failed prospect, and to have spent a career almost entirely in the minors. Maybe he’ll never be more than a spot starter or middle reliever (or maybe he will), but it would be nice to see him be a significant contributor at some point. The clock is ticking — he’ll be 29 next year — so a dose of reality is in order, but a few good years would be nice to see.