Blue Jays Mailbag: Deep Rebuild Doesn’t Make Sense with Guerrero Looming

The offseason is in full swing, or, at least, it should be. Not a lot has happened yet, and so as we return to our weekly Blue Jays mailbag, we find a lot of questions still lingering from two months ago—presumably waiting, like we all are, to see first what happens with Giancarlo Stanton and Shohei Otani!

But there are new questions to be asked and answered, too! So let’s dive in!

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Is Josh Harrison a fit for the #BlueJays? Will any of Billy Hamilton, Jarrod Dyson, Lorenzo Cain, or Dee Gordon leadoff for the #Jays in 18?

I think the better question—as it always is when discussing trades—is what the Blue Jays can realistically offer the Pirates for Josh Harrison? I’m not sure why the Pirates, or the Reds, would be rushing to offload talented players for players who aren’t going to help them in the near term. The other guys, free agents Dyson and Cain, and the Marlins’ Gordon, are maybe different stories, but still, I really don’t see it. Dyson doesn’t hit nearly enough, Cain will surely want too many years, and they both play the position best suited to Kevin Pillar, Anthony Alford, Dalton Pompey, and probably Teoscar Hernandez, too.

I think the Jays are better off looking for someone like Gordon, and he certainly would make some sense here—he or Devon Travis could factor into the outfield mix when both are healthy, and having a high-contact, speedy player like Gordon at the top of the lineup would certainly be nice. But a lot of teams could use a guy like that, and there are some similar options out there for that sort of a role, so I’d certainly bet the field.


  • Naylor01

    Im of the belief that the jays should do a mini rebuild. I think they should try to extend Donaldson and try and dangle Osuna. With the cost of closers on the open market and his years of control I feel he could bring back 3 solid prospects in return. They have a deep bullpen and could use a trade like this to build prospect depth that will align with Vlad, bichette and their young outfield. While still having a strong core of Stroman, Donaldson, Sanchez etc. If they could unload Morales by eating some of his salary that would be a bonus.

  • McGretzky

    I’m in favour of a retool that includes trading Donaldson.

    Unlike Halladay (RIP), Donaldson can be traded anywhere as he does not have a NTC.

    Shapiro and Atkins have the ability to either build around the young talent on the roster or around the Guerrero/Bichette group.

    Wasting what’s left of Donaldson’s prime on an average team is pointless.

    The Jays probably won’t be on the upswing again until around 2020.

    • DAKINS

      As someone who actually watches every Jays game, I can’t agree. I would much rather enjoy the remainder of Donaldson’s prime as a Blue Jay. You aren’t getting a big haul for an over 30 player with less than a year of control.

      He puts buts in the seats, and I’m sure they Jays won’t want to put the brakes on the fan engagement they have built up the last few seasons.

  • Torontoguy

    Depends on what you mean by a deep rebuild but yes, the Jays IMO should be trading assets to acquire prospects. Vlad and Bichette coming up in a couple of years is A) not enough to put the Jays above the Yankees or likely make them a playoff team B) very risky to count on. Osuna, Sanchez, and Stroman are all free agents after 2020 so even if Vlad and Bichette come up and are good very quickly, the team window is tiny. To compete now, you need a lot of valuable pre-arbitration players. The Jays don’t have a single good young major league hitter. They have two good young starters and one good young closer. This is simply not even close to a core you can build a successful team around IMO. If the Jays can trade players for prospects, then Vlad/Bichette become the first part of a wave of talent that can hopefully help you build a successful team every year.