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Well This Is Awkward: Andrew Tinnish Will Remain With Jays, Withdraws From Braves Position Citing Family Reasons

Perhaps it’s just because we’re several hours past beer o’clock on a Friday evening, but I can hardly see this one straight:

Fair enough.

TInnish, who was born in Hamilton, grew up in Nepean, and went to Brock University, has been with the Blue Jays since 2001, so obviously uprooting himself and his family and going to Atlanta would have been a huge decision.

Whatever the reasoning, this is certainly an unusual turn of events, and a boon to the Jays. Tinnish is a valued member of the front office, and obviously someone Anthopoulos thought very highly of as well. He was this scouting director in charge of Jays drafts that landed the club Aaron Sanchez, Noah Syndergaard, Marcus Stroman, Kevin Pillar, Anthony Alford, Daniel Norris, Kevin Pillar, and more.

The news is, however, a real blow to the “cronyism” narrative I’ve been trying to push when it comes to the Atlanta bAArves. And if we’re being honest, I think we’d all agree that that really ought to be the main takeaway here.

Um… so I guess… uh… welcome back, Andrew?