Blue Jays Mailbag: Bo Bichette, Christian Yelich, and More Trade Speculation

The Winter Meetings are wrapping up in Orlando, and like most of the league, the Blue Jays have been quiet. They didn’t even make a Rule 5 pick!

Though a few especially anxious Jays fans don’t yet seem to know it, a whole lot of movement is still set to come. So let’s take a look at where the offseason stands with another dip into the ol’ mailbag!

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Were the Blue Jays at the Winter Meetings?

Whooooa!!!! Sick burn, dude!

Believe it or not, the object of the Winter Meetings, and the offseason itself, isn’t to make the most transactions the fastest. It’s to lay the groundwork to have as good a team as possible on Opening Day.

Complaining about inactivity two months before pitchers and catchers report, when plenty of other teams have been quiet, too, and plenty of moves are still out there to be made, is only slightly ahead of whining about minor transactions on my list of annoying fan offseason traits. Relax, pal.

I feel like if we wanted Avisail Garcia & Cesar Hernandez to fill OF/MI duties, we’d have done it. But that we’re out of the likes of Ozuna/Yelich/Gordon makes me ask what exactly is the happy medium the Blue Jays are waiting on via trade? McCutchen & Harrison?

Why do you feel like if the Jays wanted Garcia and Hernandez they’d have done it? Those guys haven’t been moved yet! Imagine that the Jays had made the best of several offers on them, but the White Sox and the Phillies hadn’t yet decided it’s worth making the deal. Should the Jays make a bigger bid just for the sake of getting the deal done? If nobody’s going to offer more, then they’re just costing themselves assets for no reason.