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The Prospects Are Coming! (For, Like, Autograph Sessions Or Something)

Interesting announcements today from both the Blue Jays and the Buffalo Bisons, who each revealed that a whole lot of prospects are going to be part of their winter festivities this year (because, hey, why get people attached to big leaguers who are all going to be traded in eight months, amiright?):

The most interesting tidbit about the Bisons thing, though, is this:

The event will also feature a ‘State of the System’ address by the Blue Jays Vice President of baseball operations, Ben Cherington, as well as a chance for Bisons fans hang out with mascots, Buster T. Bison and Celery.


Er… well, I mean, you get to meet them. I don’t exactly see myself making a trek to Western New York in fucking January, personally. But I’ll definitely be following the tweets from those who are listening intently to Cherington.

The Toronto event cost $20 for adults, $5 for kids, and I suspect won’t have the copious amounts of complimentary booze that made the old State Of The Franchise events so utterly worthwhile (y’know, in addition to the old men haranguing management over some perceived inaction or another). Tickets are available through the link in the tweet!

The Buffalo event, meanwhile, is “only a $10 Donation to the Buffalo Bisons Charitable Foundation and the Bisons are asking fans to RSVP by calling (716) 846-2011. Admission includes a special Bisons/Blue Jays Autograph Card, one complimentary Hot Dog as well as snacks and Coca-Cola Soft Drinks (while supplies last) and a FREE 2018 Opening Day Ticket for the Bisons game against the Indianapolis Indians on April 12.”

Yowza! Minor league teams get shit! (Though, to be fair, I’m just speculating about the Jays event being less perk-filled — hopefully I’m wrong!).

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    Unrelated but if the dodgers offered puig for jbj, shouldnt the jays offer them pillar and a bit extra( since he is a little worse than jbj offensively)? That would be a great trade for the jays. Its not like jbj can hit much either. And pillar is from there. Puig would look great In RF, just saying.