Blue Jays Mailbag: The Curtis Granderson Deal and What Comes Next

The Blue Jays’ offseason has finally come to life, at least a little bit, and so far for a lot of fans it’s been quite underwhelming. Should they be underwhelmed? What comes next? How will the 2018 roster end up looking?

We’ll tackle these questions and more in this week’s edition of our Jays mailbag. So let’s hit it up!

And remember, if you have a Blue Jays question you’d like me to tackle for the next mailbag, be sure to send it to stoeten@gmail.com. As always, I have not read any of Griff’s answers.

Can you see a RH OF to complement what we currently have? As i see it, it would be Grandy and Solarte in LF/RF vs RHP and Pearce/Carrera vs LHP, the first pair is okay, provided Solarte isn’t needed in MI, the 2nd half could be improved on. Can you find an FA to fit this need?


I have absolutely no idea why you’d see it that way, to be perfectly honest. Carrera has a reputation for having a “reverse split” (he hits better against left-handed pitching than right-handed, despite being a left-handed batter), but it’s completely unfounded. The sample size is tiny—he has less than 300 plate appearances against left-handers over his seven seasons in the big leagues—and after managing just two singles and a double (plus six walks) in 42 PA vs LHP in 2017, he’s now a worse hitter for his career in that split than he is against right-handers. In 2017 he slashed .310/.376/.448 vs RHP (123 wRC+), so he’ll definitely be playing against them until he proves that was a total fluke—or if they don’t find someone better. Which may not take too long! But there will be a number of options around that the Jays can look at if it does.

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