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The Blue Jays and Granderson Make It Official

The Blue Jays’ signing of Curtis Granderson to a $5 million deal (which could rise to $6.5 million based on the number of plate appearances he takes) had been held up over the last few days as the club needed Granderson to take a physical before the deal could be announced. Today, finally, the deal was made official.

Not long after the Jays tweeted out their confirmation of the deal, Granderson introduced himself to Jays fans:

This evening he spoke with the media on a conference call (uh… I think?), talking about why he made the decision to come to Toronto, and what he expects his role to be (and presumably other things).

So… that’s something. I don’t know! Some people will like that last bit quite a lot — perhaps especially John Gibbons, who spoke to Rob Longley of the Toronto Sun about the club’s newest acquisition: “I think we needed some new faces and we’ve started to do that,” Gibbons said on the weekend. “I’ve always heard good things about him. (Long-time manager Jim Leyland) is a good buddy of mine and he always raved about (Granderson). He’ll be a good stabilizer. He might bring some stability to that clubhouse.”

Did… uh… did the Jays’ clubhouse need stability? We certainly haven’t heard much about discord — which is actually probably an unusual thing for a team that lost as many games as the 2017 Jays did — but I suppose that there could be some kind of a vacuum with the club losing he big presence of José Bautista. And you sure as hell do worse than a genuine pro like Granderson — who as Longley’s piece notes, was the 2016 recipient of the league’s Roberto Clemente Award “which is given to a player deemed to best represent the game through character and community involvement on and off the field” — to help fill that void. At least if that’s the kind of thing you think is particularly important. And evidently Gibbons does.

Granderson’s reputation is pretty impeccable, and you feel that, I think, even in these short snippets.

“He’s a class person, a great player and the ultimate professional,” said Russell Martin about his former teammate with Yankees, also according to Longley’s piece. “He’s probably one of the greatest guys in the game.”

I mean, it’s not going to matter much if he doesn’t bounce back from his miserable performance after being traded to the Dodgers in mid-August, but he’s going to be a fun guy to get to cheer for, and his 124 wRC+ against right-handed pitchers during his time with the Mets in 2017 suggests that he really should be able to help.

  • AD

    I like Granderson, he seems like a good dude that can hit HRs and get on base. I hope he has something left in the tank though and this isnt another 2017 Bautista. Still think he’s worth a shot as a platoon bat.

    Also, I still don’t understand the Grichuk trade. Like, couldn’t the jays get someone better? He K’s way too much and doesn’t get on base enough to balance that. Doesn’t seem like someone the jays need to compete for a playoff spot. If he is playing CF (replacing Pillar), its ok, but not for a corner spot. He doesn’t seem like a great breakout candidate either, guys dont magically just find a way to get on base much better. He is what he is.

    • Dexxter

      The Jays have a pretty good track record at turning big power big K guys around. Bautista, EE and Smoak last year to name a few. I’m willing to give him a shot.

      Also if it opens up a trade of another OF for starting pitching… that’s not a bad thing either.

      • Cock Flakes

        Bautista and EE were never big strike out guys and Smoak other than this last year his stayed pretty constant in SO’s. I see the trade more as a player they wanted and they were willing to pay the freight regardless of how he might fit for now. Despite what we hope come July there may be lots of playing time for him.

  • lukewarmwater

    You can never, never get enough of guys that are great in the dug out. They are invaluable. I’m still waiting for some analytic genius to come up with a stat measuring their attribution to the team off the field. It appears that Granderson is at the top of the heap.