Blue Jays Mailbag: The Vlad Guerrero-Bo Bichette Hype, and Toronto’s Crowded Outfield

Slowly but surely the Blue Jays’ offseason has started to take on a defined shape. There are still moves to be made, and still a whole lot of uncertainty among fans about just how good the team will be, and what will happen next. The outfield seems to have gone beyond looking set, and now looks like an area where the club might move someone to add pitching.

Will they? Which player will be moved next? Which pitchers might they be targeting?

All these questions, and more, will be the subject matter for this week’s edition of the ol’ mailbag—so let’s have at it!

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How absolutely amazing/bonkers is it that we have two prospects in Baseball America’s top 10? Should I be doing cartwheels right now?

Leemo Legs

I don’t know if it’s so much about just having prospects who rank that high, but what the scouts and these sorts of organizations are actually saying about them. You could have a class of prospects that was so great that you could rank in the mid-20s in one year, but be a consensus top ten in other years, you know? What should excite us is hearing people who take their jobs seriously, and who genuinely try to give a sense of what the industry really thinks, using words like “superstar” or “Miguel Cabrera all over again,” or giving out 80 grade hit tools (which everybody seems to be doing for Vlad) or 70 grade hit tools (as MLB Pipeline has done this week on Bo Bichette).